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… is an exhibition space galleria_onlinefor contemporary art by the artist online Petrucci Pasquale where are exposed artworks corresponding to contemporary art projects that are described in the attached articles. Artistic activities exhibited they do not have absolutely a promotional purpose, but gradually through aesthetic directions highlighted in the exhibition projects tends to create a dialogue with those who share the aesthetic path undertaken.

The goal of sharing is necessary to insert the expressive results achieved in a contemporary context-more articulate and prepared to channel through multidisciplinary forms of expression in a single container of contemporary culture. In fact a positive condition to gfotografia_contemporaneaenerate new cultures is the merging of different artistic paths-contemporary cultural training to a single location. Contemporay art atelier exhibition design currently is exclusively concerned with the presentation of contemporary photographs and is the third exhibition of contemporary photgalleria-arteographs relating to the Futurist fotodinamismo of Anton Giulio Bragalia under the name “Universal Fotodinamismo”. The two previous exposure (Fotodinamismo Urban /Fotodinamismo and pink) are visible in the web site display, with two exhibitions of digital art called “Nuraghe Contemporanee” and “Compositions of digital art. . The themes of the projects, complete with authoritative analyses art critics are present on the page called articles. This atelier is addressed exclusively to galleries and to scholars and art critics.


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This post is also available in: itItaliano