creative art workshop contemporary realism

creative workshop Contemporary Realism


The contemporary art exhibition project, with the exhibition of artistic photographs, called “contemporary realism” is substantially formed by urban scenes that belong to our everyday life, assembled with ease by the hand of man, by atmospheric situations, or by the wear of time .

laboratorio di arte creativa denominato "Realismo contemporaneo"

Particular compositional preferences do not prevail, the visual interest is attracted indifferently by natural, urbanistic, structural elements or by any form which, thanks to particular modular characteristics, manages to develop a pleasant aesthetic harmony. The only presence deliberately excluded is the human figure. Most probably it is this exclusion that unintentionally makes these compositions a metaphysical sense where staticness reigns with a silent atmosphere. Everything seems to belong to an enigmatic dimension of reality that we usually live in everyday life.
The photographic technique


The only manipulations made concern exclusively the technical alteration of contrast and brightness further highlighted with the exaltations of shadows and lights. Through the various compositions photographed, a real aesthetic iconography is highlighted that by and large belongs to the urban landscape.

laboratorio di arte creativa denominato "Realismo contemporaneo" fotografia contemporanea

Overall it is a question of revealing the expressive values that emerge in the spontaneous urban compositions that contribute to better identifying our present coexistence with the urban landscape. The photographic chronicle develops through the alleys of the city near isolated spaces from the city center. Very often it is also nature that generously offers new contemporary compositions. But the best support systematically is granted by the compositions granted by the atmospheric situations. The inclusion of the aforementioned contents in a form of contemporary art appears to be consistent.


The photographic subjects



This contemporary aesthetic is composed of a multitude of waste objects such as: old broken chairs, baskets, lamps, various household appliances, fabrics, boots, plastic, wood, ceramics, accompanied by an infinite number of colors. All assembled involuntarily by man or by atmospheric conditions.

laboratorio creativo di arte contemporanea con articoli-mostre-anche di fotografie-moderne-contemporanee

They are compositions subject to receiving a multitude of denominations; contemporary, environmental, suburban, atmospheric, urban compositions, but all come together in a contemporary realism. References to the evolution of art are automatically linked to nineteenth-century Realism with subjects and themes of everyday reality through the suffering of men and women who are victims of social injustice, unlike our realism that with metaphysical attitudes completely excludes the presence of the human figure . The result is enclosed in a new iconography of contemporary reality with the fusion of the composition with the urbanization of belonging. The identified composition will be resumed in its natural location and enriched with additional elements necessary to make its contribution to complete the visual history of the urban area to which it belongs. The operational methodology will develop in itinere through the search for compositions to be inserted little by little in the creative cycle.

. With reference to the visual art project inherent to contemporary photography called realism-contemporary, four exhibitions have currently been held at the same number of workshops;

1st creative workshop contemporary realism

2nd creative workshop contemporary realism

3rd creative workshop contemporary realism

4th creative workshop contemporary realism

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