Digital art exhibition

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Digital art exhibition

Le Nuraghe contemporanee

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Summary of digital art exhibition, called Nuraghe and held at the Regional contemporary art Fund F.R.A.C. Baronissi (SA) Italy  on display approximately thirty works of large and middle size belonging to the cycle I created since 2004. The cycle is articulated through different compositions of an iconography of so-called urban cemeteries of cars, which reduced to carcasses end up stacked in a pyramid direction. For several reasons the creative thinking is looking at functional Megalithic Nuraghe conundrum that I consider the first metaphysical monuments. Also the distinct possibility of defining the Dolmen burial sites contributes greatly to the atmosphere posted in an artistic dimension typically metaphysics. A similar atmosphere also spreads in car demolition or to better define them with a metaphysical term “the graveyard of cars”. In the scene the protagonist is the loneliness that winds among the carcasses of old cars scrapped that until a few years ago populated the city. The little light is scanned from some space that unwittingly created in uniting the cars demolished. The cockpits of cars guard with a tombstone jealousy countlessesposizione_fotografie_di_arte_contemporanea memories; loves, confessions, sex, betrayal, violence, ….


Critical critical profile,

profile included in the catalog was treated by prof.ssa Ada Patrizia Fiorillo, Professor of art history at the University of Ferrara. The artistic direction of the center of Baronissi (SA) F.R.A.C. is headed by prof. Massimo Bignardi Professor of contemporary art history at the Faculty of Arts and the Graduate School of  Art history of the University of Siena.


Operating technique of digital art

In practical operating path has developed a double result: digital panels or photocomposing them and mixed media. For the pane implementation is completely digital. In mixed media the initial structure consists of a black and white photo setting on a canvas. Then comes the intervention chromatic, with oil paints, which programmed formerly must penetrate violently calibrated matter. The common thread that unifies the two realizations is the metaphysical essence of contents which gradually must elicit a restlessness, a thin and cold anguish and must reign one undisputed: loneliness.


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This post is also available in: itItaliano

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