photography and contemporary art

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Informal photography in contemporary realism

The previous exhibition project, called “contemporary realism” was divided into three workshops.

laboratorio creativo di arte contemporanea con articoli-mostre-anche di fotografie-moderne-contemporanee

The result was enclosed with compositions belonging to an enigmatic dimension of reality which later became informal – material in the fourth workshop. The visual interest has focused on the chromatic residues of old metropolitan graffiti aged with different expressive-visual interventions thematic, blanched and partly erased with faded, dull, partly discolored colors, to then be covered by other graffiti that the wear of time has again faded, but with the presence of an informal-material iconography.Very often expressive overlaps occur with different characteristics, even if they unintentionally intersect each other;
– graffiti: characterized mainly by inscriptions sometimes circumscribed with the personalization of an original signature
-with the murals: characterized above all by chromatic interventions with combinations of bright, showy, bright colors and with festive, fantastic, fairy-tale, humorous themes.

Artistic photography
The artistic photography produced shows the cancellation of any pre-established shape or shape and the liberalization,


ithout a conventional composition, a set of signs, lines, writings and spots of color that intersect without specific compositional boundaries, with an expressive sign and with a spontaneous gesture. Everything succeeds in transporting the visual memory to the masterpieces of informal paintings. Technically they are chromatic interventions with signs that do not delineate a border with the remaining chromatic residue, contributing to enhance images that are free to space in a metropolitan context.


The photographic research of reliefs with material-chromatic forms present in various points of the territory makes the reference visual-museum map for an informal-material iconography clear. The attention is attracted also by polymateric subjects with particular veins, cracks, lesions, holes, irregular reliefs and inevitably the photographic performance tends to concretize the computer-material value that emerges. The informal-material photographs have completed a first visual cycle currently on display-online of this visual-art workshop. The personal iconographic-informal characteristic of the entire photographic production strengthens the concept of strongly considering the contemporaneity of the photographic art for its parallelism with the art of the twentieth century. The element of inclusion of photography in contemporary visual arts is undoubtedly the essence of conceptualism which, among other things, unites a large part of the evolution of current visual art.

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This post is also available in: Italiano