I personally consider the Fotodinamismo of Bragaglia ofextreme modernity to a new vision of reality that escape theperception of our eye. It’s a different way to aim the vision on reality. The contribution which received expressive evolution of photographic production was undoubtedlynotable. It’s for several years that I share a particularenthusiasm for finding Bragaglia and I consider it essentialto continue to experience the dynamism in an exhibitionproject.


The goal then, is to develop only with the aid of digitalcamera, that is without any other manipulation, alteredvisions of reality. Extrapolating from the real scenarios, a different vision of reality. The whole project of photodynamism Futurist is divided into three exhibitions:Urban Universal /Pink Fotodinamismo / Universal Fotodinamismo . Part of the project has been exhibited inseveral exhibition areas experiencing substantialappreciation. In the pages of the articles there isan interesting wrote of prof. and writer Carlo Franza

OPERATIONAL TECHmostra_di_fotografie_moderneNOLOGY
Multiple representation of the trajectory of motion candevelop an alternation of planes that intersect with lines simultaneously establish a dynamic force and aconsiderable chromatic valence.
In the foreground is filled in with the movement of thesubject in motion, in particular determining capture themultiplication of the template in different sequences. Createin one image a sort of collage of many frames makespossible an iconographic dynamism. The technicalprocedure, previously scheduled, tend to redalterations with a balanced relationship light-exposure timethat necessarily must strive to develop quick pictures senton various and alternate points of view. The composition forowning an appropriate balance must necessarily enclose aneven symmetry. The shot must be uniform,from one diagonal to another , vertical and horizontal lines fromoverlapping create many irregular rectangles. Vertical linesalso contribute to raising the composition that can befurther increased in a position of extreme view from below,while stability is transmitted by horizontal lines. Optimalproportion of aesthetic value can be achieved from vision which is highlighted by the lines projected exceptionally to achieve a desired effect ofoverlap is joined to other points convergent.


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