Writes Carlo Franza

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Writes Carlo Franza:
“photography, art, told the modernity and Postmodernity, with first shots that havemade reality solicited by a progress of continuous sequencesand visibly, as Futurist photodynamism by Anton GiulioBragaglia, the latter process which stressed the recent workof Pasquale Petrucci, responsible for alterations (buildings)and dynamics (people). A sophisticated image , disenchanted, surrogate, sex, na├»ve,confused and enigmatic, chance of a daily crushed andripped but allusive, implied, seductive and pathologicallyface towards natural.
The dream is so real, ready to findhimself in a light vitiated that masks the body in love withroads, neighborhoods, city, territory, and burns with atmospheric colors the sl reality cut off, the boundaries with itsrhythms, the places where throb human form architecture immersed in the serene otherness, mirages pushy andunforgiving.
The images reveal the fortune and the track ofmirages, the alienation of this sacrificial operation that callson how in an ecstasy to close your eyes and look at theurging of optical drives, while a camera catching ghosts andrestless shadows, shipwrecks in wobbling, tracks andflashes, Artifice of an eye sure knows how to seize the spaceof existence. So Pasquale Petrucci with formative andcorrosive sniffing shots has moved to producing chapterswhere he projected the transience and the beauty of theworld, in diversity and in evocation, discovering dizziness,burrs, filaments of siege, space , moving shadows,fragments of slits, bare, colors with a fever,announcing a network of different Visual alphabets thathave become the portrait of its new filming “.

Carlo Franza

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This post is also available in: itItaliano

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