The Red Indians: visual – digital stories

The Red Indians: visual – digital stories The irresistible charm of the American Indians, better identified with the name of the Red Indians, is undoubtedly shared. The interest is not conditioned by the limited clothing or by the chromatic vivacity that envelops a large part of the muscular body but by the facial expressiveness, which… Continue reading The Red Indians: visual – digital stories



CampaniART: visual – digital stories

CampaniART: visual – digital stories Digital creativity exhibition project  This project was created to strengthen, through the universal language of art, the awareness of the great territorial resources that fellow citizens have through the collective heritage in a united Europe. It is engaging, to live, with the emotion of a contemporary artistic representation, belonging to… Continue reading CampaniART: visual – digital stories

description Photodynamism Futurist

PHOTODYNAMISM FUTURIST A quick analysis of the history of photography points outthat alterations of images have always involved artists,already in the second half of the 19th century are numerousexperiments that gradually are able to use chemicalmaterials that offer the possibility of reproducing the subjectindefinitely. The huge success of photographic portraiturehad a significant appreciation in the… Continue reading description Photodynamism Futurist

Description of the exhibition “The Contemporary Nuraghe”

The Contemporary Nuraghe on display The exhibition called “The Contemporary Nuraghe” set up at the F.R.A.C. Fondo Regionale Arte Contemporanea of ​​Baronissi (SA), was articulated through different compositions of an urban iconography that of the so-called car cemeteries, which reduced to carcasses end up stacked in a pyramidal sense. functional of the Megalithic Nuraghe which… Continue reading Description of the exhibition “The Contemporary Nuraghe”

Description :Informal photography

Informal photography The previous exhibition project, called “contemporary realism” was divided into three workshops. The result was enclosed with compositions belonging to an enigmatic dimension of reality which subsequently, with the fourth workshop, became an informal material type, with expressive values ​​corresponding to contemporary art. MY visual interest has focused on the chromatic residues of… Continue reading Description :Informal photography