photography-exhibition-contemporary project with futurist-photodynamicism


Personally we consider the Photodynamism of Bragaglia ofan extreme contemporaneity for a new vision of reality thatescapes the perception of our eye. It’s a different way offocusing the photographic lens on reality.

laboratorio creativo di arte contemporanea con articoli-mostre-anche di fotografie-moderne-contemporanee

The contributionof the photodynamism that received the expressiveevolution of photographic production was undoubtedlyremarkable. For several years now we have shared aparticular enthusiasm for Bragaglia’s research and considerit indispensable to proceed to experiment with dynamism inan exhibition project of futurist photography.


The goal, therefore, is to develop only with the help of thedigital machine, that is, without any other manipulation, altered visions of reality.


Extrapolate from the real, realscenarios that escape the perception of our eye becausedisconnected, incorrect, stacked but legitimately belongingto the real. The entire project of futurist photodynamism isdivided into three exhibitions:Urban Photodynamism / PhotodynamismRosa FotodinamismoUniversal.
Part of the project has been exhibited in several exhibitionspaces and has received substantial appreciation.

laboratorio creativo di arte contemporanea con articoli-mostre-anche di fotografie-moderne-contemporanee

The multiple representation of the trajectory of themovement manages to develop an alternation of planes thatintersectwith additional surfaces establish at the same timea dynamic force and a remarkable chromatic value.

Photographic technique

In the foreground is inserted the movement of the movingsubject, in particular it is crucial to immortalize themultiplication of the silhouette in different successions.


Creating in a single image a lot of collages of many framesmakes an iconographic dynamism feasible. The previouslyprogrammed technical process tends to develop the desiredalterations with a balanced light-time exposure ratio thatnecessarily tends to develop fast images directed at differentand other points of view. The composition to have the rightbalance must necessarily enclose a homogeneoussymmetry. The frame must be split from one corner to theopposite angle by the diagonals, while the overlappingvertical and horizontal lines create many irregularrectangles.
In addition, vertical lines help to raise the composition thatcan be further increased to an extreme position seen frombelow, while stability is transmitted by horizontal lines.


Anoptimal percentage of aesthetic value can be achieved by thedepth that is highlighted by the lines projected in a point ofview that exceptionally to achieve a desired overlap effect isflanked by other points Converging. The oscillation of theshot between the different points will succeed with severalattempts to create with the overlap a multiplication of all thelines; vertical, horizontal and oblique.