The art-technological; digital-art / digital-art

For several decades, modern and contemporary art has been systematically involved in technological innovations, practicing new expressive realities with digital characteristics that inevitably involve a manipulation of reality. The creative input can arise from contemporary photography, from fantastic scenarios, or from any graphic-digital intervention. The technological entrance has not only contributed to enhancing the figurative… Continue reading The art-technological; digital-art / digital-art

modern-and-contemporary-art informal-photography

Modern and contemporary art Informal photography   The previous exhibition project, called “contemporary realism” was divided into three workshops. The result was enclosed with compositions belonging to an enigmatic dimension of reality which subsequently, with the fourth workshop, became an informal material type, with expressive values ​​corresponding to contemporary art. The visual interest of the… Continue reading modern-and-contemporary-art informal-photography

photography-exhibition-contemporary project with futurist-photodynamicism

CONTEMPORANEA’S PHOTOGRAPHY EXPOSITION PROJECT THE FUTURIST PHOTODINAMISMO Premise Personally we consider the Photodynamism of Bragaglia ofan extreme contemporaneity for a new vision of reality thatescapes the perception of our eye. It’s a different way offocusing the photographic lens on reality. The contributionof the photodynamism that received the expressiveevolution of photographic production was undoubtedlyremarkable. For several… Continue reading photography-exhibition-contemporary project with futurist-photodynamicism