The art-technological; digital-art / digital-art

For several decades, modern and contemporary art has been systematically involved in technological innovations, practicing new expressive realities with digital characteristics that inevitably involve a manipulation of reality. The creative input can arise from contemporary photography, from fantastic scenarios, or from any graphic-digital intervention. The technological entrance has not only contributed to enhancing the figurative arts, but has involved all multimedia expressions without exception, involving advertising creatives, cinemas, stylists, musicians and various designers. Gradually digital drawings have become indispensable for the different operators, in the same way as the corresponding updates that have become more and more frequent, also through the countless apps (applications).

The expressiveness of modern-contemporary art

Regardless of the technological use, the indispensable element is the expressive creativity that has characterized the entire path of art, both when the visual arts were limited to architecture, painting and sculpture and when from the end of the eighteenth century onwards have been added; photography, cinematography, video-art, body-art, land-art and the whole of technological-computerized arts. The acceptance and understanding of digital works is easy to share because the spread of elementary graphic-digital skills and the use of simple software, almost always free, has facilitated the digital expressive practice within everyone’s reach, even if overall the it all boils down to different decorations, slight tweaks or humorous caricatures.

The spread of graphic-digital creativity

Currently, even with a smartphone full of apps it is possible to develop one’s own graphic-digital creativity used mainly for the visual communication of social-media. The aid of computerized technology applied to visual creativity has generated different names to better identify the multitude of application customizations that very often for the parallel development it is almost difficult to establish a precise chronological order but globally they can be accumulated in; new media art – computer art – virtual art – intangible art – interactive art, art – telematics – multimedia art, digital painting – net art.

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